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Our Services

At DentServ, we’re committed to being the best and our plethora of services are crafted well along based on our experience in the field of work.

Facility Services

Records Keeping
Oral Surgery
Quality Assurance

Patient Services

Dental Care
Dental Lab

Long Term Care

While the DentServ Program varies for each long term care facility, in most cases we will set up and maintain a full suite, complete with all the equipment and supplies needed to perform general dentistry.


We currently work with Article 28 Diagnostic Treatment Centers, Developmental Disability Service Organizations (DDSO), psychiatric facilities and programs for patients with HIV.

Correction Facilities

With DentServ, correctional facilities can now choose reliable, professional dental care at a cost that fits their budget. DentServ takes care of virtually everything, from staffing and equipment to lab work.

Private Payer

Facilities that don’t want to commit to the turn-key DentServ Program can still have excellent DentServ care for their residents with the Private Payer option.