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Facilities that don’t want to commit to the turn-key DentServ Program can still have excellent DentServ care for their residents with the Private Payer option. When you make DentServ available to your residents, you’ve made dental care a whole lot easier for them — and for you.

That’s because DentServ takes care of virtually everything your residents need, from dentists and scheduling to lab work. We do it all in your facility — no more searching for a dentist or transporting residents to and from appointments. We bring the dentist to you.

But we’re not just convenient — we provide peace of mind in four ways:

 We handle everything, from scheduling to lab work.
 We bring everything we need to your facility.
 We provide marketing materials to present to your residents.
We bill the participating residents directly.

Dental Procedures

As part of the DentServ comprehensive dental program, x-rays, oral hygiene, scaling, denture fabrication and identification, restorations, and extractions are all provided to enrolled residents.


Your staff can consult with a dentist 24/7 if a dental emergency arises. Your facility’s DentServ rep answers questions about the residents’ service — they’re the liaison between the dental staff, residents, administration, and nursing personnel.


DentServ selects well-established local practitioners, who are highly vetted, top-quality professionals with all necessary training and licensing. If there is ever a time when your dentist is unavailable, we have back-ups standing by.

Oral Surgery

When participating residents require a visit to an oral surgeon, DentServ will help them arrange consultations and treatments with one of the many local medical centers and oral surgeons with which we have associations.


Working with our partner lab, DentServ fabricates and repairs dentures properly and quickly, minimizing your participating residents’ inconvenience. Each order is trackable from start to finish so that your staff can report its progress to the resident or their family.


When you choose DentServ, we provide all the equipment and supplies required for comprehensive dental care in your facility, including a dental chair and x-ray unit. We test and inventory all of our equipment for strict compliance with regulations, and maintain a repair log.


DentServ bills all participating residents directly, whether or not their insurance provides for dental services. When residents join the program, we collect their billing information, so your staff never has to get involved.