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In addition to our comprehensive dental plans for long-term care facilities, DentServ offers dental services in many ambulatory settings. We currently work with Article 28 Diagnostic Treatment Centers, Developmental Disability Service Organizations (DDSO), psychiatric facilities, and programs for patients with HIV. Since each clinic is unique, DentServ offers a menu of customized services to meet your specific patient population’s needs.

Staffing a clinic requires finding the right dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants for each particular environment. DentServ can even recruit and train a manager of dental services if needed for your clinic.

DentServ handles dentures and bridges as well. We track each lab case from the first to the last step. We report progress and schedule fitting appointments. We can offer prosthetics on a fee-for-service or capitated basis. Each piece is permanently imprinted with the owner’s name.

If you do not already have dental equipment in your clinic, we can provide it. We offer new or remanufactured equipment at competitive prices. Supplies can be provided on a capitated or fee-for-service basis.

Our Quality Assurance program is offered in clinics, just as it is in our DentServ Program, ensuring compliance with infection control, OSHA, HIPPA, patient satisfaction surveys, and more. Our compliance program addresses New York State DOH, JCAHO, OSHA, and HIPAA.

DentServ can develop comprehensive dental services policies and procedures for your clinic, tailored to your specific operation and updated as necessary.

Patient education is provided each time the DentServ dentist sees your client. In addition to verbal instructions, we can provide a wealth of written material.