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About Us

Our Company

DentServ Dental Services, PC (“DentServ”) has been providing quality, comprehensive on-site dental services since 1981. We bring both knowledge, expertise, and sensitivity in meeting the unique needs of elders and special needs populations who reside in long-term care facilities and other health care facilities. Many of our clients are state and federally sponsored agencies and facilities.​

Backed by more than 35 years of proven performance, we offer a range of all-inclusive, turn-key programs to meet your facility’s requirements. In addition to hundreds of skilled nursing facilities, we serve diagnostic treatment centers, facilities for the developmentally disabled, psychiatric hospitals, adult daycare, correctional facilities, and PACE Programs.

While providing care, DentServ promotes all aspects of oral health, including education and prevention. Treatment plans are developed with the resident’s needs as a priority, always considering the long- and short‐term benefits of treatment and its impact on the resident’s quality of life. For example, each resident is carefully evaluated at the start of each appointment to ensure they are capable, mentally and physically, to tolerate treatment. Of course, every effort is made to make the patient as comfortable as possible.​

DentServ’s service upholds the professional standards, practices, and regulations required by the New York State Department of Health, the American Dental Association, Joint Commission, and OSHA.

Our Promise

As your health care partner, DentServ delivers customized dental programs that benefit your residents, while creating efficiencies of time, scope, and scale that contribute to your clinical and business success. With our unflagging commitment to care, compliance, and personal service, we have become the most trusted provider of on-site dental services in New York State with over one million patient encounters to date.


A dedicated DentServ quality assurance representative visits your facility regularly to check that your new admissions have been examined, and follow-up has been scheduled. They provide a QA and statistical report after each visit, a reminder of our commitment to your residents.

Policies &

Our exemplary practices don’t happen by accident: they are written in dental service policies and procedure manuals that guide our work. Every facility receives our policy and procedure manual, developed by our dental director, to help the facility stay in compliance.


We keep you in compliance with HIPAA and the guidelines set by the New York State Department of Health, ADA, JCAHO, and OSHA. Tests on our equipment are regularly performed and logs are kept to assure compliance with the strictest infection control policies.

Our Mission

DentServ will provide the best dental services possible. DentServ will never forget that what we do and how we do it profoundly affects the quality of life of the thousands of people who depend on DentServ for their dental care.

DentServ will conduct our business and professional services in an honest and forthright manner.

DentServ will show concern for the dental needs of our patients. In addition, DentServ will show the same concern for our clients and caregivers. Dental services will be provided with informed counsel, empathy, expediency, and, with confidentiality.

DentServ will show courtesy to our patients, clients, each other, and all those whose lives we touch.

DentServ will show courtesy to our patients, clients, each other, and all those whose lives we touch.

DentServ will work in harmony as a team, melding our best ideas and efforts to make DentServ the finest dental service organization in the New York State.