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Long Term


Every dentist, every hygienist, and every dental assistant that DentServ sends to treat your residents is highly qualified — the kind of professional your residents’ families would choose for their loved ones. All of our staff have demonstrated excellence in their field and are fully credentialed. They specialize in treating the elderly and long-term care residents, bringing compassion to their work.

While the DentServ Program varies for each long-term care facility, in most cases we will set up and maintain a full suite, complete with all the equipment and supplies needed to perform general dentistry. If you already have a dental suite in your facility, we will bring it up to date and assume its regular maintenance.

Admission Exam

Shortly after a new resident’s admission, DentServ does a full dental exam, developing an individualized treatment plan and providing the facility with the information needed to complete the MDS questionnaire. For facilities under the DentServ Program, it’s all included in their monthly plan.

Annual Checkups

DentServ schedules and performs annual exams for every resident in your facility if you are signed up for the DentServ Program; or for each resident that’s enrolled in the Private Payer program. Your dedicated DentServ representative supervises scheduling, as well as all aspects of the program.

Dental Procedures

DentServ provides x-rays, oral hygiene, scaling, denture fabrication and identification, restorations, and extractions on-site. If your facility is part of the DentServ Program, all these services are included; otherwise, they are available to residents on a pay-for-service basis.


Your staff can consult with a dentist 24/7 if a dental emergency arises. Your facility’s QA rep is always available to answer questions about your service  — they’re the liaison between the dental staff, residents, administration, and nursing personnel.


Working with our partner lab, DentServ fabricates and repairs dentures properly and quickly, minimizing your residents’ inconvenience. Each order is trackable from start to finish so that your staff can report its progress to the resident or their family.


DentServ selects well-established local practitioners who are highly vetted, top-quality professionals with all necessary training and licensing. If there is ever a time when your dentist is unavailable, we have back-ups standing by.


When you contract with DentServ, we set up and maintain a full dental suite at your facility, including dental chair and x-ray unit as part of your contract with us. Private Payer facilities may also have a suite set up in their facility. In either case, we test and inventory all our equipment for strict compliance to regulations, and maintain a repair log for each piece of equipment.

Oral Surgery

When a resident requires a visit to an oral surgeon, DentServ will help you arrange consultations and treatments with one of the many local medical centers and oral surgeons with which we have associations.