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The DentServ Program is a way for health care facilities to ensure their residents are getting all the dental care they need, while controlling the costs of dental services. It works like this: when a facility contracts with DentServ, we assume all the responsibilities of its residents’ dental care — from annual check-ups to dentures.

It begins with a thorough examination of new residents upon admission. We schedule dentists and assistants to come to your facility to treat your residents. In most cases, we set up a dedicated dental suite within the facility, clean and maintain it, and keep it stocked with fresh supplies.

The DentServ Program also makes sure your facility is in compliance with health code regulations, and that all records are carefully kept and protected.

DentServ contracts highly qualified, fully licensed professionals around the state, who provide care under our auspices. They come to your facility to treat your residents.

Never a problem. We always have back-up dentists nearby that will fill in. That’s part of the beauty of contracting with DentServ. We have a large network of providers with enough staff and equipment to handle all our clients needs, and to quickly adapt to changes.

Yes we do — our on-site dental suite includes a state-of-the-art x-ray machine. If your facility does not have an on-site suite, we’ll bring a portable x-ray unit with us when we see patients.

That depends on a number of factors, most notably the number of residents in your facility. The fees for your facility will be determined after we meet with you on site and give you our proposal. Whatever the fee is, it will be all inclusive — you won’t pay another dime for general dentistry as long as you are with the Program.

No. Our practice is limited to general dentistry — fillings, dentures, crowns, etc. However, we are connected to a network of dental surgeons and will arrange off-site appointments for you. Then, we’ll follow up with the patient to make sure everything is going well.

All patient records are kept securely on our protected servers. We comply will all HIPAA regulations for the handling of patient information.

Each dentist is responsible for the care of the patients he or she sees.

That being said, DentServ has an on-staff representative that regularly visits your facility to make sure that you are receiving the absolute best service possible. Each visit is followed up with a Quality Assurance report.