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Dental Assistant

The applicant understands that this application and other company documents are not a contract nor constitute employment. The applicant understands that if s/he is hired they will be required to produce proof that they have a legal right to work in the USA in accordance with the IRCA of 1986. The applicant agrees to inquiry of former employers or other sources as to experience, character and/or reason for termination or leave, and authorize companies to release such information without liability. The applicant understands that as part of employment they are required to have a physical examination and will provide needed physical examination(s) and any future physical examination as required by the employer. The applicant understands that as part of employment process they may be required to undergo a criminal background check. If employed, the applicant agrees to abide by the policies established by DentServ Dental Services, PC. The applicant hereby understands and agrees that any misrepresentation of information provided may be cause for dismissal.